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EU Grants for Translation

Creative Europe 2014-2020

The first call for proposals for literary translations was published on 10th December by the European Commission. You will find below the core information- for a more complete description, please go here: 



Objectives and priorities

Ø Objectives

- To support cultural and linguistic diversity in the Union

- To promote the transnational circulation of high quality literary works and improve access to those.

Ø Priorities

- Supporting the circulation of European literature

- Supporting the promotion of European literature

- Encourage the translation and promotion of high quality European literature in the long term


Two categories of projects

Ø Translation into English, French, German and Spanish is strongly encouraged.

Ø The project consists in the translation and promotion of the books.

Ø Two-years project. Between 3 and 10 works of fiction. Maximum duration 2 years. Grant: max 100,000 euros (max.50% of the eligible cost)

Ø Framework partnership agreement: 5 to 10 works per year. Duration: 3 years. Grant: max 100,000 euros per year (max 50% of the eligible cost)



Deadline : second Wednesday of March 2014

Evaluation period: 4 months

Information to applicants: July 2014

Grant agreements/decisions: September 2014

Start date of the action: between September 2014 and December 2014

Eligible countries

Ø 28 Member States

Ø EEA Countries: Iceland; Lichtenstein; Norway

Ø EFTA or candidate and potential candidate countries to EU membership: Negotiations between the European Commission and each of those countries have however not reached a sufficient status to declare them fully eligible yet at this stage. The Commission will confirm on 31 January 2014 which of them will possibly be eligible : Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Republic of Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey.


Eligible works

Ø Both paper and digital format

Ø Works to be translated must be works of fiction such as novels, short stories, plays, poetry, comic books and children’s fiction

Ø Works must have been previously published

Ø The originals must be written by authors who are national or residents of one of the eligible countries

Ø The works must not have been previously translated into the target language

Ø In case of selection, the beneficiaries will have to demonstrate that they own the rights relating to the works proposed for translation, as well as submit the signed contracts with the translators, for each book within 2 months after the date on which they received the notification of the award decision.


Eligible activities

- Translation and publication of works of fiction

- Translation of excerpts of the translated works of fiction for the catalogues of publishers and publishing houses to help foster the selling of rights either in Europe and beyond.

Eligible applicants

Publishers or publishing houses

Eligible languages

Source and target languages must be both officially recognised languages of one of the eligible countries.


As mentioned during our meetings, the funding method is not based anymore on a flat-rate basis, but on budget-based grants, calculated on the basis of a detailed estimated budget, in euro. Budget must indicate clearly the costs that are eligible for EU funding. Eligible costs correspond to the eligible activities.


1/ relevance to the objectives and priorities: 35 points

2/ quality of the content and activities: 30 points

3/promotion and application: 20 points

The translation and promotion of books of authors who have won the EU Prize for Literature are encouraged. One point will automatically be granted for each book for which its author has won the EU Prize for Literature, up to ten points.

Guidelines and guide for applicants can be found here.

For any questions, please contact lhoulgatte@fep-fee.eu